Yes, I want to order the Thelema supplement so that I can boost my sex life in a natural way. I understand that, because we are all individuals, the product may work differently for different people. Some may get a result within forty five minutes where others might only get a result in two hours. Some might experience a blocked nose for a short while while others experience no side effects. I understand that if I suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart problems that I should first contact my doctor before using the product. I also understand that Thelema does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I understand that 1 box of Thelema containing 4 capsules costs R132 Plus R37 for delivery. Total cost R169.

Save R24 by ordering 2 boxes for only R277 instead of R301.

Save R60 by ordering 5 boxes for only R637 instead of R697.


Save R120 by ordering 10 boxes for only R1 284 instead of R1 404. Included in this offer comes a free counter to counter Post Office service delivery.

Except for the Super Deal, all parcels will be sent via the 3 – 5 working day counter to counter Post Office service delivery. Please ensure that you take your i.e. with you as only you can collect the parcel.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE POST OFFICE HAS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED THEIR OVERNIGHT COUNTER TO COUNTER COURIER SERVICE. The price stays the same but they now send by truck. The don’t have money to send by plane. It now takes three to five working days’ to reach you. Please plan accordingly.


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