I once visited the doctor because I had an infection on my feet between my toes. It itched, stung and burnt terribly.

I learnt that I had a skin infection called Athlete’s foot that was caused by fungus that you normally pick up in gyms, showers and swimming pools to name but a few places. If you have sweaty feet, wear nylon socks and shoes that can’t breathe you create the ideal circumstances for fungi to grow. Fungi grows in conditions where it is hot, dark and moist.

I expected the doctor to prescribe a chemical, anti-fungal ointment of some kind but to my surprise he recommended a natural product called Tea Tree Oil. He told me to mix about five to six drops of Tea Tree Oil with a tablespoon of olive oil and to apply it twice a day. To my surprise the product helped me to get rid of the problem within a couple of days’.


Wash your feet every day and dry it with a hair drier in the mornings and evenings.

Wear flip flops in showers and swimming pools.

Buy the original Australian product. I tried to save a bit of money by buying the cheaper version but it didn’t work so well.