If you ever find this pamphlet in your post box, run. They promise you the earth but it’s one big scam. I bought three months’ supply because I thought this was the best thing I’ve ever heard of. After three months (forget about two or three days) I could feel or see no difference. Usually if you drink a pill you will at least have some sort of reaction a few hours later. With this pill, nothing, nada. I was very disappointed and decided to contact the guy who made all these promises directly, a certain Prof. Carl Ajane. I started searching for him on the internet and learned that he does not exist. They have been searching for him for years but nobody can find him. Furthermore a doctor wrote that collagena is only gelatin and it can be bought at any supermarket for a fraction of the price. According to articles on the net it won’t do any harm to try it but it won’t do anything. With my huge order I received a free jar of Collagena Medica skin cream that I found very smoothing on my skin but the pills didn’t work. You will be wasting your money if you buy it.