If you suffer from dry skin the worst thing you can do is to use soap. Soap contains harmful ingredients that can be toxic to your skin. Here are some of the dangerous ingredients in soaps:

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient that causes the soap to foam. This chemical is harsh on the skin and can cause dryness.

Triclosan. This antibacterial ingredient in soaps can irritate the skin.

Lye. The known name for this ingredient is costic soda and it  can  irritate your skin and even cause it to itch and burn.

Polypropylene. This ingredient can possibly cause cancer.

Even the well known Aqueous cream is bad for eczema. A study in the British Journal of Dermatology that was done in May 2011 revealed that Aqueous cream damaged healthy skin and caused a significant loss of moisture.

Another culprit is Dove soap. In spite of what they advertise it was found that Dove consists of 17 ingredients of which 11 caused an irritation or dried the skin. Five ingredients are not known to cause dry skin but they are not beneficial either and only two ingredients out of the seventeen are mild and gentle on your skin.

There are two products that are recommended. The one is organic Shea butter and Epizone E. The latter is an emulsifying ointment ideal for the treatment of dry skin. There are no perfumes or colourants added to the product and it cannot harm the skin. It’s even safe for babies. It should be used frequently and I find that it helps to moisturize the skin after you have showered and used the product. Of the many products that this company sells they stock a very good sunscreen that can help you prevent sunburn.  

If you know of any other reasonably priced, natural soap and moisturizer that you can recommend please share with us in the “Comments” section.