We all know that any form of erectile dysfunction is a very private problem. We would like to set your mind at ease. We will never disclose or share your name, address or contact details with anyone. We need your details so that we can build up our database but it is secured with a password and nobody has access to it. The reason why we ask what age group you fall in is to advise you how long before the time you need to drink the capsule or to advise you about certain medical conditions that may relate to your age group.

The beauty about ordering through the website is that nobody will ever know about it. Your payment will show up on your bank statement as “Blackbird Trading 339” That says nothing.

You do not need to visit your physician unless you have a medical condition and you are unsure whether the product is safe for you to use. There is actually only one exclusion and that is any form of a heart condition. Although we are forced to warn people about high blood pressure it has been proven that this product actually lowers high blood pressure but just to be on the safe side always make sure that you know what your blood pressure is. If it’s under control you have no problem.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription and then go to a pharmacy to buy the product where everybody will immediately know why you are buying the product. It will be sent to your home or work address in an undisclosed, bubble wrapped envelope in a secure sealed bag and only you will know what’s inside.

So, please be assured that with us you are an anonymous person for all practical purposes.