I found an amazing natural way to get rid of warts on wisemindhealthybody.com that I’d like to share with you as I’m sure you will suffer from this unseemly, irritating problem at some or other time in your life.

According to the article warts are caused by the human papillomavirus infection. They are normally harmless unless they turn black. Then you should have them checked out by your doctor. They can appear at any time for no reason whatsoever and in the same way they can disappear. They usually appear on your face, hands and feet but they can also spread to your arms and legs. They itch and burn and are a total embarrassment to a person.

You can have them burnt off by your doctor or he can prescribe a very effective but expensive ointment.

You can also go the natural route. Here are a few suggestions that you can try out:


Rub the inside of a banana over the infected area and then cover it with a bandage or plaster. Bananas are high in potassium and it is believed that it will burn the wart away over a period of time. Keep the bandage dry so that the skin is deprived of moisture. Warts thrive in those conditions. Wash the area in the morning and dry your skin with a hair dryer. Cover the skin with a dry bandage again.


I don’t care what people say about this product but it works for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I started seeing results after only two days. Although the article recommends that you soak a piece of cotton in ACV and secure it with a plaster during the night I just took a piece of gauze, soaked it in ACV and rubbed the affected area before I went to bed. The next morning there was a visible reduction of the warts. I will keep on doing this until they disappear.


Soak the tea bag in warm water and hold it on the wart for 30 minutes three times a day.


Slice a piece of garlic clove and apply it directly on the wart. Try to not touch the skin with the garlic. Cover the wart with a bandage overnight, remove in the morning and wash the area around the wart. This has to be done for a few weeks.


Cover the wart with fresh onion juice and let it dry without washing it off. Use a cotton bud to apply directly on the wart. Do not use onions on the face.

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