Erectile dysfunction

Paul from Bellville writes:

I Have always had a problem with early ejaculation. I wasn’t circumcised so the head of my penis was very sensitive when the skin was pulled back. I tried to masturbate the day before having sex. That helped a bit but not much. I then tried a certain Chinese ointment that was supposed to desensitize the head but that caused me to have no feeling at all. I couldn’t even get an erection. I was totally despondent. I put my shame in my pocket and approached my pharmacist. I called him over to a quiet corner and looked like someone who wanted to buy heroin. I explained my predicament and he offered me this product Thelema. I had never heard of it but I was so desperate I would try anything. What a surprise. After drinking the capsule I got an erection like a horse. After having unbelievable sex I was surprised to realize that I didn’t reach a climax. Maybe it was because my wife asked me if we could rest a bit after she had reached her tenth orgasm. It was only after the second session that I climaxed. What an unbelievable product. All I can say is: “Thank you so much for helping me!”  

So we have a twofold problem here. At some or other stage in your life you are going to discover that you cannot get an erection anymore or that you can’t hold the erection for as long as you used to. It is reported that, in South Africa, 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. The second problem is your ego. No man on earth is going to disclose this fact to anybody. After all, we are talking about our manhood.

There are many causes for this problem and I will discuss this in another article. I would like to share an astonishing fact with you though. One of our distribution channels are pharmacies. One day I decided to do some research on the sales of the product. ED is normally associated with old age but when I asked about the age of the men buying the product I was quite surprised to hear: “From thirty upwards, Sir” When I questioned the pharmacists about this they revealed that major stress and excessive smoking and drinking could contribute to the problem.

The Solution

How can we help you? There is nothing more humiliating for a man than not being able to perform in bed. You lose your dignity and confidence in yourself. It could actually ruin your relationship. The opposite is also true. A woman loves a good lover.

Our solution for your problem is a natural, proven, sexual enhancement, male supplement called Thelema. (It derives from a Greek word which means “to desire”)  It has been sold in Asia, Europe and the USA for twenty three years and it has been in South Africa for the last eight years.  It is distributed through selected pharmacies or it can be obtained online from our website. The product has no or few side effects, lasts for up to 36 hours, is registered with the Medicines Control Council and is reasonably priced. You do not need a doctor’s prescription just read the insert packaging carefully.

Although we have had no complaints or negative feedback in eight years four people have reported that it does not work for them, but hey, four people out of thousands of happy, satisfied customers? You can also go to “testimonials” if you need more information.

Please note that this product is presently only available in South Africa.