Thelema is a natural. enhancement pill.  The ingredients have been used in the East for hundreds of years. It has been distributed in the USA, Asia and Europe for the last 23 years. It has been available in South Africa for the last eight years and is distributed through selected pharmacies and our website.

What can Thelema assist you with? At some or other stage in your life you are going to be confronted by some or other form of erectile dysfunction. It could be the  result of a medical problem like an enlarged prostate.  It could be caused by heavy stress, alcohol abuse or too much smoking. Erectile dysfunction is also associated with old age. Some men have a terrible problem with premature ejaculation and others just have a low libido. There is nothing on earth that destroys a man’s self-worth so much as a flaccid penis.

Thelema addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is a sexual enhancement pill. If you are thirty or forty years’ old it will most probably work within forty five minutes. At the age of sixty you will need to drink it two to three hours before the time.

Once it takes effect you will have an unbelievable erection when you start making love. I have had feedback from friends telling me that it also assists with premature ejaculation. Pharmacies report that their customers said it lasts up to thirty six hours.

Please don’t drink yourself into a stupor and then expect the male enhancement pill to work. Try not to drink it on an empty stomach.

We are all human beings and not every pill works for everybody. If a person has a headache he drinks Panados. Another person will drink Compral because Panado doesn’t work for him. It’s the same here. The Supplier reports that it works for 75% of all men.

So, it might work for you as it works for thousands of other people but you won’t know if you don’t try it. I’ve had men phoning me and thanking me for saving their marriages. Don’t let erectile dysfunction destroy your love life and relationship. Do something about it today.