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When I was in my thirties I read a novel, The Honey Badger, a ferocious little animal. In this book a guy goes to his doctor because he presented signs of prostate cancer. After several tests the doctor confirmed the diagnosis and told his friend that they needed to operate and remove the cancer. The guy then asked the doctor whether he would ever be able to have sex again. When I read the reply of the doctor it made such an impression on me that I will never forget it. His answer was, in short, “I hope you have fond memories of your sexual life” To me, that said it all. A man’s worst nightmare. There goes your self image, ego, self worth, confidence and all the pleasure down the drain in one minute, if not your whole life.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but if you’re a man, you have a prostate, and sure as hell, in ninety percent of us, this small body part is going to make your life a misery. It starts off with a small disturbance, like not being able to pee, to the worst case scenario being full blown prostate cancer.



If you have to get up a few times during the night to go to the toilet.

If you experience pain or a burning sensation when you take a leak.

If you struggle to urinate and it only dribbles out although you feel as if your bladder is full.

If you experience pain when you ejaculate during a sexual activity.

If you have little control over your bladder. You can’t hold it in and you wet your trousers.

Any sign of blood in your urine.


How does one get this infection? Apparently it is caused by strains of bacteria in urine that invades your prostate.


Now before you pee your pants with anxiety in stead of a weak bladder, let me tell you that this happened to me. I immediately knew something was wrong. I visited my doctor who determined that I suffered from inflammation of
the prostate. A blood test revealed that I had an elevated PSA count. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and within the week I was cured.

Needless to say I GOT THE FRIGHT OF MY LIFE. I know of a few men who died of prostate cancer or had the cancerous prostate surgically removed and I promise you it’s not an experience that I want to go through. So I decided to start researching the matter. I am a firm believer in prevention is better than cure, so this is what I have discovered: 



The antioxidant ingredient that is active in Cayenne Pepper is Capsaican. Enough research has been done and documented to prove that this product kills cancer cells without affecting the healthy pancreatic cells. It contains huge amounts of vitamins A, C, B Complex, potassium and calcium. It helps with blood flow and remember, your blood needs to flow to your penis in order for you to get an erection. It has also helped to stop heart attacks. This daily treatment might just prevent you from getting prostate cancer. Start with a quarter of a teaspoon three times a day and increase to a half a teaspoon. 


Another fruit that contains huge amounts of antioxidants and apparently kills off cancer cells in the prostate. It’s messy to get it out of the skin and the juice squirts all over the place but it’s delicious. You can also drink the juice. Just watch out for the high sugar content.


Men who have prostate cancer have low levels of Zinc in their prostate. A normal prostate has the highest levels of Zinc in the body. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. It may also help with hair growth. Eat a handful every day. Magnesium is a source of energy, can regulate blood pressure and it can also help to lower your cholesterol. It tastes delicious but don’t eat too much. It can make you fat and cause you to be constipated.


This natural, age old powder has the possibility to lower your PSA levels, help with inflammation, reduce and prevent the spread of prostate cancer and even urinary symptoms of men as they get older. It contains antioxidants, anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties. Drink half a teaspoon per day. It can interfere with certain medication medications so Google that topic or speak to your doctor.

Please Take Your Turmeric This Way to Get Full Absorption & Correct Results – Dr Mandell, D.C.


The ingredients in green tea can stop the growth of cancer cells. This has been proven in laboratory as well as human studies. It can protect against the inflammation in the prostate. Drink at least three times a day. Source your tea from a supplier that imports from the East preferably from China or Japan. Prepare the tea in warm water for a few minutes but drink it without milk.


Ginger can stop the growth and kill cancer cells. When and how to take ginger. Benefits of ginger. GOOGLE THIS:


Sardines, salmon and tuna are examples of cold water, fatty fish. All these fish contain omega 3 fatty acids that could help to stop the development of prostate cancer. 


Contains Lycopene that could lower your risk of prostate cancer but use ketchup or tomato paste which contains a much higher amount of Lycopene.