David fom Durban wrote: “Hi I have used your product and it’s awesome” Feeling 18 again, lol.”

Peter from Robertson wrote: 

Hi. I received my capsules yesterday and it works 100%. As I said, I used in the past a lot of different products on the market but nothing really works for me. Yours is a big Bonus to use in the near future. I will surely order on a monthly basis of your natural herbs.



20 September 2013
Thelema Capsules

I have recommended Thelema Capsules for the last six years to patients with erectile dysfunction.  The product has shown excellent results. Feedback from patients indicate that side effects are minimal. Many patients have switched over from Schedule 4 products indicated for the same condition to Thelema because of the cost factor and a very high percentage continued with Thelema. Some patients report better results with Thelema. Thelema is much more effective than any other natural product that I am aware of. I have never had a comeback or complaint about the product and recommend it with confidence.

Ben van Heerden.
Senior Pharmacist


6 December 2011

For the past 3 years we’ve sold and are still selling Thelema. Thelema is one of our top selling products.

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We have been stocking Thelema for the past six months. The demand for this product has been overwhelming and the feed back from customers has been very positive. In fact many customers have reported this product, Thelema, to be more effective than the prescription products.



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Hallo Abe

Well, thanx to Thelema my girlfriend is now pregnant and I, at the tender age of 58, am going to be a father for the second time. My partner is 41.

She is 15 weeks now.

All tests done and all ok.



David fom Durban wrote: “Hi I have used your product and it’s awesome” Feeling 18 again, lol.