Please ensure that you read the insert packaging carefully. Thelema is not a medicine. It will not cure any disease or illness. It enhances your sexual ability and is a total herbal product. Please get all the information on the website by hovering your mouse over the headings.

Continuous use of the product will, in the long run, lower your high blood pressure. It will increase your testosterone levels that will give you a fantastic erection when you have sex. Old age combined with very high levels of testosterone may lead to prostate cancer so DON’T DRINK FOUR CAPSULES EVERY DAY. Stick to the recommended dosage.

My blood pressure is 75 over 115. Normal is 80 over 120. One day I decided to do an experiment. I drank one capsule and a few hours later another one. It turned me into a raging bull. But before you try this make perfectly sure that your blood pressure is normal. Don’t do it on a regular basis either. Also no heart problems please. Rather talk to your doctor first. There are no chemical ingredients in this product so there are very few side effects. You may experience flushing, a blocked nose or a headache. You will experience the same thing if you drink Niacin, Vitamin B3, which helps to unclog arteries. The symptoms disappear within an hour or two or you might not experience it at all. Make sure you eat after you swallowed the capsule, drink plenty of water and try to avoid alcohol. If the headache persists drink over the counter pain relievers. The headache could be caused by the sudden change in blood flow from the increased levels of nitric oxide. Please read the page: “Side effects of erectile dysfunction products.” on the website.

At the age of 50 to 70 you should try to use the product an hour or two before you become intimate. At age 40 it works within 40 minutes. If the product does not work, try to build it up by drinking a capsule every day for three days and then one before you have sex. If that doesn’t work you have serious medical issues. See an urologist and find out if you don’t have an underlying medical issue.

We have been selling the product for the last thirteen years mainly through pharmacies. We have never had a complaint but we are all individuals and what works for one person might not work for another. It is a well-known fact that erectile dysfunction normally indicates that there are underlying medical problems involved. Do you know the status of your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and prostate gland? All these medical problems could have an influence on your performance but it can be evaluated with a simple blood test and you should have it tested at least once a year. Visit your doctor. We have also learned that obesity, stress, depression, abusive use of liquor and heavy smoking contributes heavily to a man’s ability to perform in bed. If you are using certain medications like, for instance, medication for diabetes, it could have an adverse effect. Although we have many clients suffering from diabetes who are very happy with the product one should never use one medicine at the same time with another one without consulting your doctor. Diabetes medication can interfere with the working of Thelema. It could also thin your blood so stop using the product two weeks before an operation otherwise you might experience excessive bleeding..

Google this excellent article of the Mayo Clinic on erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic…/syc-20355776

Hopefully you will become one of the thousands that benefit from this amazing, natural product.

We appreciate your support.

Abé Koegelenberg