I found an amazing natural way to get rid of warts on wisemindhealthybody.com that I’d like to share with you as I’m sure you will suffer from this unseemly, irritating problem at some or other time in your life. According to the article warts are caused by the human papillomavirus infection. They are normally […] Read More

Collagena Medica – The biggest scam ever

  If you ever find this pamphlet in your post box, run. They promise you the earth but it’s one big scam. I bought three months’ supply because I thought this was the best thing I’ve ever heard of. After three months (forget about two or three days) I could feel or see no difference. […] Read More

Dry skin or Dermatitis

  If you suffer from dry skin the worst thing you can do is to use soap. Soap contains harmful ingredients that can be toxic to your skin. Here are some of the dangerous ingredients in soaps: Sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient that causes the soap to foam. This chemical is harsh on the […] Read More


  Do you suffer from constipation? Normally this problem can be solved by consuming lots of fluids (water) and dietary fibre. The problem is that a lot of fibre is taken out of our foods especially when you eat junk food. So we just don’t get enough fibre into our bodies. The answer to this […] Read More

Sinus problems

  If you suffer from sinusitis, hay fever, nasal polyps or a post nasal drip there are various options available to you to rid yourself of these problems. Nasal polyps are usually caused by prolonged hay fever, asthma and chronic and recurrent infection of the sinuses. Polyps grow on the linings of the nasal passages […] Read More


  Thelema is a natural. enhancement pill.  The ingredients have been used in the East for hundreds of years. It has been distributed in the USA, Asia and Europe for the last 23 years. It has been available in South Africa for the last eight years and is distributed through selected pharmacies and our website. […] Read More


DIABETICS: Question: Can I use the product if I suffer from diabetes? Answer:  I have many clients suffering from this disease that use Thelema without experiencing any problems but if in doubt please consult your medical practitioner or health care provider.  

Weight loss – Banting

One of the most frequent requests that I always receive is about weight loss. “Can’t you please import a pill or product that will help us loose weight” Well, I’ve tried. First, you can’t get it past the Medicines Control Council and if you do, it doesn’t work. As soon as you stop drinking the […] Read More