Hi Guys

I would just like to clarify a few things. Thelema won’t work for everybody. It is a sexual enhancer. IT WILL NOT CURE YOUR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION OR ANY OTHER MEDICAL PROBLEMS.

If it doesn’t work for you, you may have an underlying medical problem that you are not aware of. When last have you had your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your prostate gland or cholesterol levels checked out? Are you obese or an alcoholic? Are you under tremendous stress due to a marriage that are on the rocks, fearing to be retrenched, terrible financial problems or even a mother in law that is wrecking your life? There is nothing like stress to ruin your sex life. All these problems can cause you to have a problem in the bedroom. Depending on the severity Thelema might not work for you. Get your problems sorted out.

If you are older than seventy Thelema might work for you but you will have to take two capsules and the duration might be short. At that age you might not even have a desire for sex anymore.

I was approached by a guy who had his foreskin cut at the age of fifty five. The operation was botched and he lost all feeling¬†in the head of his penis. He told me that he has tried everything but nothing works. Well, Thelema won’t work either. I have another friend who has late stage diabetes. He is losing his feeling in his fingers, toes and penis. Will Thelema work? No, obviously not. It’s not a miracle cure.

Having said that, I received an email from a guy who thanked me out of the depth of his heart. He told me that if it wasn’t for this capsule he would not have been in the fantastic relationship with the woman whom he deeply loved.

Well, it has been working for me for nine years. I’m just glad my name is not King Solomon with his 1 000 wives. lol.

It gives you a self confidence to know that you can and will perform. It boosts your ego and, last but not least, your lady will love you. You would have spoilt her for all other men.

So, for those of you for whom it works, enjoy yourselves. For the rest, have yourself checked out. It may save your life. Otherwise try one of the other wonderful products on the market. Not everything works for everybody.