It is believed that most men over fifty will at some stage have a problem with their prostate gland. One of the first signs that you might have an enlarged prostate is frequent urination. If you have to get up three or four times during the night to go to the toilet it should be a warning sign. What makes it worse is that you get to the bathroom and you can’t urinate. At most it is a dribbling. When this action is accompanied by pain you could have a real problem.

Other signs to watch out for are painful ejaculations, blood in the urine and back pain.

On this website we have frequently declared that we are not doctors and we do not give medical advice. In actual fact we urge you to immediately seek medical advice when you experience any of these symptoms. What we would like to do is to share our experiences with you and reveal how natural products solved our problems.

I went to the urologist for a check- up. I was told to drink a huge amount of water and when I got there I had to urinate into a machine. After a sonar, rectal exam and blood test I was told that my flow is nice and strong, my prostate is round and smooth and everything is fine. Suddenly R2 400 did not sound like such a lot of money to pay for such good results. A couple of days later I received a frantic call. “You better come back. The blood tests reveal that you have a dangerously high count on your PSA test.” “So why all the physical tests” I asked. Just do the blood test.

I was prescribed a natural product called Saw Palmetto. The urologist told me to use this product and this product only because it is the only one that has been tested and it works. You can buy it from Vital and if you buy it online you get a good discount. Shortly after I started using this product my frequent urination stopped and I could once again pee like a fire-hose. Six months later I went to my GP and had my PSA tested, once again, with a blood test. Normal. I never had a problem again.

I saw two people dying from prostate cancer because they ignored the warning signs. It is a terrible way to die. Please don’t ignore the warning signs. Seek medical advice at your earliest convenience.